About JERKYville U.S.A.

JERKYville's adventure started back in the early 2000's.  There was a man selling jerky roadside across from where our shop was located. He asked me one day if I would be interested in selling his jerky at my store.  I told him I would give it a try since I have such a wide variety of items, why not.

Who would of thought that Jerky would be such a great seller! Selling this unique product in our store kept people coming back for more creating a big following of jerky customers. Since then people have started asking for more variety and hotter flavors, so I decided to produce several under my own label.  Our jerky started flying of the shelves, everyone loves it. Check out some of our flavors here on-line or if you are in the Monterey, California area stop in and check out all of our different brands as well as different meat types we offer.

Check us out on-line at www.jerkyvilleusa.com or give us a call at (714)-902-4159

You will be surprised at all the different types and flavors of jerky we offer.  Nothing but the best gourmet jerky.

Patty Lockhart


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